viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Super Tucano decal set 1/48

This is  the New Super Tucano decal set  for used in the Hobby Boss and AVM  kit , with 5 diferent versions  : Fach Chile , FAB Brasil , FAC Colombia , FAE Ecuador and FAD Rep.Dominicana  . designed in Chile by AVM and printed in USA by MICROSCALE  Industries .

It  is impotan stand out  what the H.Boss decal  FACH version is wrong  because  is printed in a green monotone in fact the FACH  used 2 diferent green tones  for underwing  is more dark .

The FAC  set have a pale yelow what is wrong to .

This AVM  decal set is a good option for improved your S.Tucano model with this decals and our correction resin set .  Price for the decal set U$D 10+ s/h , PayPal is accepted  more information write us :

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